Kuya Luis, our local hero

Iligan City, the famous city of waterfalls, ironically is running short of water supply. Funny right? This problem started last year and until now, it wasn't resolved for reasons I can't figure why.

The prevailing problem left the people waking up at wee hours just to see if water's dripping so they can fill their containers. MSH is no exemption. The campus of MSH is comprised of the hospital, the school, a few residence and the dormitory, all of which needs water, a basic element of our existence.

The dormitory was provided with big water containers per room to fill in but the problem is, with what? So the administrators did not put the issue to rest not until a solution was made. With the acquisition of the fire truck, they were able to haul water from timoga - east of iligan. Still, the campus is still running out of supply. They fetch water twice daily but it cannot suffice the demand.

The dormitory occupants sometimes go to class with teeth unbrushed or had done half-baths only, and they cannot do their laundry, for the same reason.

This is where Kuya Luis comes to the 
picture. He is our local hero. He is a diligent worker of the college and is the one driving kilometers to and fro even past his duty hours just to meet the demand. Without him manning the truck, travelling three or more times daily, many would be buzzing like bees, complaining. Now, all are like lambs grazing on the meadows, silent and gay. Thanks to him. 

By the way, did I mention that he is single? Yes, he still is. 


open house? what's that?

Have you ever heard of OPEN HOUSE? Well, this is an event where the residents of a dormitory or residence hall feature their rooms or the dormitory in general for the world to see.

Decorating the room may not be necessary. Simply tidying up the things may do. But for some, they rise to the occasion. They select themes for the event and blend their designs to it. They try to make their rooms attractive to the onlookers and they create "gimiks" or stand-out activities. They strive to make their rooms appealing not only the visitors but the judges as well. Judges? Yes, Judges. The activity is rated according to various categories and prizes awaits the winning room/s.

Last August 16 of this year, the Girl's and Boy's dormitory of MSH-College held its annual OPEN HOUSE. Everyone, anyone, friends or foe, came and visited each of the rooms of the dorm occupants. This year's theme was festive and each room was of a specific festival and decorations were in lined with their chosen theme.

The featured photo shows one creative "music festival" theme of one of the girl's rooms. They projected their inclination to music and art.

The downside of the activity though was, it was not well-advertised. Only a few came, in contrary to last year where hundredths of curious eyes filled the venue.

Hopefully, in the years to come, the dormitory of the college would continue to hold another OPEN HOUSE and my wishful thinking is that, many would support the event so to make it rewarding to those who prepared for the affair.


escape to bohol

This photo was taken at Virgin Island. It is located miles from the island of Panglao. It is inhabited and a nice place to take a dip or just to pose for the camera like we did but our story begun when....

My friends and I were so caught up with our work that we decided to take a time off and drift to a place far from home. A place where we could find some solace to rejuvenate our mind, body and soul. A place where we could be ourselves as friends and enjoy our youth while we can. We thought of Bohol - one of the wonderful islands of the Philippines. Eventually, after more than a month and thorough planning, we were able to hit the place by boat, overnight.

Our stay was filled with activities. We went caving, swimming, snorkling, island hopping and even, making a bonfire and roasting mallows in one of the evenings there. Because of these and some other unmentioned motions made the whole nine yards all worthwhile. We were so hooked up with the dazzling sights and enchanting white beaches that it took us some hours to realize that our 4-day vacation is to end and in any moment, the grandfather's clock would strike to remind us that our time is over. Like Cinderella turning to her life again, and like the coach turning to a pumpkin at 12 midnight, we too, will be back to our place, back to the life of juggling career, family, friends and other commitments. Back to the world that brings stress, anxiety, pleasure, pain, hurt and/or success or to some, another set of happiness and fulfillment.

Yet, no matter how busy we are, we sometimes pause and think of our adventure and often, we think of where to venture again, as friends.


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I live away from home. It is not so far, just around 72 kms by bus. I left my heart there. So I thought. See, my family resides there and so with my friends. But I was called to work here, I had to take charge of my own self and live a mature life and cope with the expectations of the society.

When I first transferred as duty called, I had a hard time adjusting. Not because I was not used to the place for I studied here when I was in college, but because I am out of my comfort zone, again. The first few months were crazy. I had a 30 unit teaching load at school and I was asked to serve as a dean in one of the boarding houses nearby. Above all, I have no close friend at school nor at my place. My friends were my students, my roommates. They were so young and naive and they're fun to be with but sometimes, I cannot be me.

I had little friends at school because my hectic schedule hindered me from establishing rapport with my co-workers. But, as time ticked by, I became more footed on the ground, I was able to feel, listen and appreciate all that was around me. I was able to mingle with new acquaintances. I found myself again and felt secretly glad.

I found new friends, but still kept the old ones. I try to catch-up with my friends when I'm home. Each of these friends had a special place in my heart. I perceive them as spirit-lifters because they help me in any way. They help overlook my cares, worries, hurts, and even, the disappointments of my life. I do not know how I would become without them and I do not know if I can live without them.

blogging day1: novice but interested

how many people in the net have heard of blog? how many individuals bothered to blog?
i am not a writer by profession, and I do not even know if could manage to write well. But, here I am. starting to make a blog of my own.

Novice. What is it? A starter? a beginner? that is who i am at this moment. I have nothing much in mind, just typing what first comes to thought. But, I am interested with this blog thing. I should have started way back. rather than wasting time with other stuff, just idling.

Novice. that's me.
Interested. that's me also.
Moving towards more future blogs. That would be me as well.

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