Kuya Luis, our local hero

Iligan City, the famous city of waterfalls, ironically is running short of water supply. Funny right? This problem started last year and until now, it wasn't resolved for reasons I can't figure why.

The prevailing problem left the people waking up at wee hours just to see if water's dripping so they can fill their containers. MSH is no exemption. The campus of MSH is comprised of the hospital, the school, a few residence and the dormitory, all of which needs water, a basic element of our existence.

The dormitory was provided with big water containers per room to fill in but the problem is, with what? So the administrators did not put the issue to rest not until a solution was made. With the acquisition of the fire truck, they were able to haul water from timoga - east of iligan. Still, the campus is still running out of supply. They fetch water twice daily but it cannot suffice the demand.

The dormitory occupants sometimes go to class with teeth unbrushed or had done half-baths only, and they cannot do their laundry, for the same reason.

This is where Kuya Luis comes to the 
picture. He is our local hero. He is a diligent worker of the college and is the one driving kilometers to and fro even past his duty hours just to meet the demand. Without him manning the truck, travelling three or more times daily, many would be buzzing like bees, complaining. Now, all are like lambs grazing on the meadows, silent and gay. Thanks to him. 

By the way, did I mention that he is single? Yes, he still is. 


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Poke that single guy for me ;P

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